Tech War Zone: “whatsapp vs signal” Who’s the best and Why?

On Privacy concerns over What’s App many users are now moving towards Signal.

As WhatsApp continues to draw flak over its new privacy policy, the Facebook company’s loss has turned out to be again for alternative apps like Telegram and Signal. Now, as more and more people are leaving the messaging platform, Signal is dominating social media conversations with memes and jokes breaking the internet.


Updates terms of service and privacy for users Users have to accept it if they want to continue using the app Changes in way user data is handled More information & data may be shared with Facebook The new policy comes in to effect from Feb 8th

What are the alternatives? 





Why Signal ? 

Most secure of all messaging apps in terms of the privacy 

Non- profit organisation with privacy tech at its core 

Edward Snowden & Elon Musk swear by it

Why not Telegram? 

Concerns on pirated content, user security

Why does WhatsApp have the edge? 

Strong network effects 

Many users are now switching to the privacy-focused messaging app, Signal, over WhatsApp’s privacy concern, and as a result it became the top free app on App Store in India, and more countries. It all started after Tesla and SpaceX CEO publicly endorsed the app urging all to use it.

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