Leadership Lessons from Life Journey

Leadership Lessons

“A leader’s job is not to do the work for others, it’s to help others figure out how to do it themselves, to get things done, and to succeed beyond what they thought possible.” – Simon Sinek

Leadership is all about empowering people. To work with illuminated minds, uplift their own caliber. Make them believe in their own consciousness, power of the mind.

Great Leaders are Humble Human beings visiting earth. Why so much compassion?

Learning from Life journey can be up and down but it’s never straight. Some of the greatest qualities of the Leader is that they make people believe in their own caliber.

Great Leader makes more Leaders while they coach them in various situation, how to gather knowledge.

Qualities and not Quantity

The leaders who create more leader know that its all about Quality and not the Quantity. It takes an enormous amount of time energy and synergy to create great leaders. It’s a constant process.

Process of Change is always invisible, Visible are the Results

No matter how hard you try in Life, Process of change is always invisible and Visible are the results. Just like a Seed turns into full-grown tree slowly. Patience, Persistence, Peace, Prosperity, Progress is required.

The whole process of change is always going to be invisible, how hard you try. Yes, we can prepare all the documents for preparing great leaders but in the actual way of working its the ability to cope up the change is required.

What I learned while being surrounded by great leaders is that they invest heavily in the process of change. In a way, they foresee the visible results in their mind.

They give freedom of execution to the leaders they are preparing for tomorrow.

“Infinite Pathos of Life needs Infinite Understandings.”

While going through the change, the leader knows that in real life we need various different roads to reach the destination called “Success” in life. The leader also knows that Self-Satisfaction is the highest form of Success.

Making change is never easy outside if the inside mind is not prepared. First, the caliber has to be uplifted for outer situations in life. In-depth level of behavioral understanding is the key quality of Leader.

Great Leader knows the power of flexibility, adaptability, compassion, gender equality.

Open Line Communication

Leaders who are also thinkers know that if they really want to prepare Leaders for tomorrow, they would require open line communication. The more we are open towards each other with the right mix of words. The magic of understanding happens, if not now then eventually.

Learned from the master leaders to be always open to receive more communication, understand it. If you don’t understand, its always good to ask Question.

Open Line Communication differentiates a great organization from other organizations. Lot of hard work is put behind the lines and brainstorming is done in the field of communication streamline always bound to pay in the long run.

Behavioral Aspects

Great leaders make their team laugh often, they know that at work doing the same task repetitively can be tedious sometimes. Ability to bring back the smile on faces is the greatest quality I encountered in life while learning from great leaders.

Difference between Personal and Professional

A leader knows that difference between what’s personal and what’s professional. They kind of keep balance between both of them.

A leader who knows the way shows the way and get it done. They take the self-leadership approach to show the team how it’s done. Then let them decide their own course of action.

The grass is Always greener on the other side.

These words changed my life back in 2007, one of the greatest leaders who told me one day, “Grass is always greener on the other side.” The best way to overcome the situation in life is to work in your own garden and make your world greener in terms of rewards. (monetary and emotionally).

Leadership Lessons Learned from Real Life experiences. Journey insights, difficult situation & how to overcome situations/circumstances & Lead the way.

L – Learn – Lead – Live – Love – Life Lessons

E – Empower – Enhance individual capacity – Educate – Efficiency

A – Awaken the rotten procedures – Awkward communication – Apt

D – Doer – Dreamer – Dedicated – Deploy channels – Drive forces with individual power

E – Endless opportunities – Enhancing the channels of communication

R – Read in between the lines, get the meaning

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