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The E-mail Sundar Pichai Sent Google Employees

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who established Google in a garage in 1998, declared they were stepping down from Google’s…

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Democracy In Technology

Democracy in technology

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Hyper-local Advertising – New Trend Setter

Hyper-local Advertising In India - New Trend Setter Insight about how its changing business dimensions of advertising

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New York State Bans Recreational Sales Of Flavored E-cigarettes

New York isn’t trusting that the federal government will make a move quickly on youngsters vaping. Governor Andrew Cuomo has…

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Leadership Lessons from Life Journey

Leadership is all about empowering people. To work with illuminated minds, uplift their own caliber. Make them believe in their…

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Customer Journey and User Generated Content – Why it is so important for Businesses?

Image Source : Internet Customer Journey            Customer Journey is very significant for all businesses that exist successfully today & upcoming…

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