Apple Arcade Drops 100 Brand New Games

Apple’s just announced a few new things at their “By Innovation Only” event last Tuesday. This year they are coming out with the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch 5, iPad, Apple Arcade and few other things. On the note of their new Apple Arcade premium gaming service, Apple releases another cool new video showcasing some of the 100 games that will dispatch as a feature of Apple Arcade. Two minutes isn’t sufficient opportunity to see everything, but gives you a solid look into what they’re cooking up.

As a lifetime Apple user; I’m excited for Apple Arcade. There is a large number of games I want to play, it feels like every day there’s some new games I’m finding out about that get me significantly more intrigued. Also, there’s a one month free trial, check it out for yourself before committing to the monthly subscription.

Essa Zouga

Founder/CEO of TechMantle Inc. Comprehensive Designer • Tech enthusiast • Futurist

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